Welcome Jacob!

 Okay, I'm kidding about the photo. We'll replace with one of us and Jacob ;-)  Haha - I was going to say... we became a whole lot more preachy

A significant advantage of being in the Rosenman Institute are the connections that the it provides to programs that can support our work. Through the Rosenman Institute, Cenofex Innovations applied for, and were successful in gaining acceptance into the UC Berkeley Masters of Engineering Capstone Program. This program links selected industry partners with UC Berkeley Masters of Engineering students who undertake projects that develop a solution that meets an industry, market or social need. The solution may require the use of a new technology, or a new application of an existing technology. In the case of an industry partner project such as ours, the MEng students work directly with industry on a problem defined by the industry partner.

We were delighted to welcome Jacob Ruprecht as our capstone project intern this month. Jacob boasts an impressive resume, including a Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, and experience in the mechanical testing of synthetic tissues. The focus of Jacob’s capstone project involves the development the lymphoedema fluid flow model required for laboratory testing of our devices.

Impressive qualifications aside, Jacob has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and has already contributed significantly in the research and development laboratory here at Cenofex Innovation.

Welcome Jacob!

August and everything

After the supplier lessons of June/July, we are very pleased in August to finally have our proof of concept device pieced together and ready for optimisation! Although we can't share the details of our technology yet (watch this space!), we can say that the initial tests look promising, which is great for now! We are trying something new, so this proof of concept stage will be full of highs and lows. With that in mind, we're very excited about the potential of this technology to address the unique needs of lymphoedema patients, and look forward to bringing it to market.

This month we were also delighted to meet Rajan Patel, the CEO of iO Lifescience, a spinout of LUNAR. As an industrial design firm, iO Lifescience connects strategy, design, and engineering to develop innovative healthcare devices. We were pleased to be able to discuss how we developed our technology with the user in the forefront - rather than attempting to fit a discovery to a market. This allowed us to be as creative as possible while solving a problem with very specific design requirements. As evidenced in our meetings so far, iO Lifescience brings a wealth of industrial design knowledge to the table, and we are looking forward building a relationship with them as our product develops.

As always, thanks for joining us on our journey!

Sheridan and Michael

A lesson and an intern

After several months of working on understanding the problem, and developing creative solutions, June has been all about building our concept device. This has meant long days for the Engineering Team (Michael) designing circuit boards, ordering components, testing components, and eventually soldering it all together. We did experience a minor setback in certain critical components not showing up, however we are pleased to say that we are back on track now. It was a good early lesson in supplier power, and we appreciate the importance of working with reliable suppliers even more so now! It was also a good chance to us to gauge our own reactions to roadmap "bumps" and I believe we have responded well.

The end of June has also seen Kevin Godines from Foothill College join us for a 2016 Summer STEM Internship. We were impressed with Kevin's work in developing an exo-arm for a young boy with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, and it's great that his motivation to help people aligns with the core values of Cenofex Innovations. We look forward to working with, and creatively challenging, Kevin over the summer.


Whisky and sunshine

 The dramatic Isle of Skye drenched in sunshine. Photo credit: Michael Weaver

The dramatic Isle of Skye drenched in sunshine. Photo credit: Michael Weaver

It is important to celebrate life milestones, and a certain co-founder of mine reached a significant one in May this year. To celebrate three decades of gracing Planet Earth with his presence, Michael and his lovely wife Phillipa took a short break to discover the stunningly beautiful land of Scotland. Much to the shock of our Scottish friends, their entire 10 day trip was drenched in uncharacteristic Scottish sunshine.

Happy birthday mate. I am very pleased to be on this crazy journey with such a good friend. May all your days be full of, at the very least metaphorical, whisky and sunshine.  


Say Hello to Cenofex Innovations Incorporated


It is now official!

We are very pleased to announce the incorporation of Cenofex Innovations in the state of Delware, USA on the auspicious day of Friday 13th May 2016.

Our incorporation was handled with ease by Carole Bellis and Alexis Savini of Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton LLP. We are very grateful to Carole and Alexis for the supreme professionalism and efficiency with which they navigated us through the process, and would highly recommend them for anyone looking to incorporate here in the USA.

Incorporation means making another step in our journey towards building a growing and sustainable company. We know that it will open many more opportunities for us, (including funding!), and we are very excited to be moving forward.

Michael and Sheridan