Back Down Under and Racing Ahead


It has been a while since I updated this blog! Things have been extremely busy and time has flown by. So here's a very quick summary.

We are delighted that Tri has continued with Cenofex Innovations as the Head of Business and Finance. We appreciate all the experience he brings to the team, and his personality and attitude are a great fit for Cenofex.

We wrapped up our NSW Health-Rosenman Institute Fellowships in San Francisco in November, 2017. It was a fantastic experience, we learnt a great deal and developed lasting networks, and are excited about returning to NSW with that knowledge and experience.

We founded Cenofex Innovations Pty Ltd in NSW, Australia and look forward to growing our Australian medical device company. We are now working closely with medical device development experts, ide Group in Sydney to complete our proof of concept and move into product development.

I look forward to updating this site with more information regarding our device, and on-going work once we have secured our IP position and locked down our product design. Until then, it's probably going to have to stay a bit under wraps for now...