Inventions, verification, and validation

Over the last couple of months, Cenofex Innovations has grown as a team (welcome Jacob and Tri!), worked with the Startup Legal Garage team to produce a FTO search, networked with key innovation, accelerator, and clinical groups, and met many amazing people. Like any medical device start-up, the number of things that need to be juggled can be dizzying at times.

However, the bulk of our energy has been, rightfully so, channeled towards the development of our device. Having, what we think, is a brilliant idea, and following through with building it, has been quite the journey already. After this initial development phase comes verification and validation, and with a novel device, such as ours, designing accurate verification tools poses interesting challenges along the way.

To this end, our focus over the past few months has very much been designing, developing, and building the right tools to ensure our device is delivering the treatment we expect it to. Michael has been deep in the research and development of a verification tool, capable of measuring pressures in three-dimensional volumes. He's been doing everything from coding GUIs and designing circuitry, to fabricating support structures and interfacing motors. In the meantime, Sheridan and Jacob have been working on the development of a lymphoedema phantom - a model with human tissue equivalent properties, that represents the lymphatic system, in order to enable the "bench-top" validation of our technology.

Both these projects will provide tools essential for the verification and validation of our device and are an important step on the way to getting safe treatment to those who need it.