Building connections, leveraging innovations

A great part of the Cenofex Innovations journey has been meeting with new and interesting people, every month.

This month we were pleased to have the opportunity to meet Elpis Barons from Trajan Scientific and Medical. Of particular interest to us, is the Trajan accelerator group, which provides programs that "support and grow organisations for the medical, scientific and medical technologies marketplaces". They are an Australian accelerator who really have their finger on the pulse when it comes to leveraging Australia's National Innovation and Science Agenda. Funded and driven primarily by the Australian government, this agenda is committed to embracing new ideas in innovation and science through funding and policy reforms. Australian accelerators such as Trajan, will emerge as key partners for start-ups such as ourselves, looking to leverage this agenda.

We really enjoyed connecting with Elpis and Trajan, and we hope to be able to continue to develop this relationship, as Cenofex Innovations grows.