Getting a legal head-start

This month, we are again grateful for our affiliation with the Rosenman Institute. Through this connection, Cenofex Innovations applied for, and were successful in gaining acceptance in the University of California Hastings Startup Legal Garage. The Startup Legal Garage is a selective program in which law students provide corporate and intellectual property work to early stage startup companies under the supervision of leading attorneys throughout the Bay Area. For biotechnology companies such as Cenofex Innovations, the students work closely with a leading attorney to conduct a ‘freedom to operate’ (FTO) search based on the start-up’s technology. An FTO search, though vital, is usually cost prohibitive for start-up companies. Acceptance into the program, means the expenses associated with the search are not incurred by Cenofex Innovations. The FTO search will enable us to position our technology claims in the strongest way possible, substantially increasing the strength of our patent applications.

We were very pleased to work with Mark Oda and Jeff Gourgon from the UC Hastings Startup Legal Garage program, as well as Joe Synder from Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton, who has been a great legal partner. The outcomes of FTO search produced by the legal team are thorough and of excellent quality, and will be essential for our upcoming design phases and patent filings.