August and everything

After the supplier lessons of June/July, we are very pleased in August to finally have our proof of concept device pieced together and ready for optimisation! Although we can't share the details of our technology yet (watch this space!), we can say that the initial tests look promising, which is great for now! We are trying something new, so this proof of concept stage will be full of highs and lows. With that in mind, we're very excited about the potential of this technology to address the unique needs of lymphoedema patients, and look forward to bringing it to market.

This month we were also delighted to meet Rajan Patel, the CEO of iO Lifescience, a spinout of LUNAR. As an industrial design firm, iO Lifescience connects strategy, design, and engineering to develop innovative healthcare devices. We were pleased to be able to discuss how we developed our technology with the user in the forefront - rather than attempting to fit a discovery to a market. This allowed us to be as creative as possible while solving a problem with very specific design requirements. As evidenced in our meetings so far, iO Lifescience brings a wealth of industrial design knowledge to the table, and we are looking forward building a relationship with them as our product develops.

As always, thanks for joining us on our journey!

Sheridan and Michael