A lesson and an intern

After several months of working on understanding the problem, and developing creative solutions, June has been all about building our concept device. This has meant long days for the Engineering Team (Michael) designing circuit boards, ordering components, testing components, and eventually soldering it all together. We did experience a minor setback in certain critical components not showing up, however we are pleased to say that we are back on track now. It was a good early lesson in supplier power, and we appreciate the importance of working with reliable suppliers even more so now! It was also a good chance to us to gauge our own reactions to roadmap "bumps" and I believe we have responded well.

The end of June has also seen Kevin Godines from Foothill College join us for a 2016 Summer STEM Internship. We were impressed with Kevin's work in developing an exo-arm for a young boy with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, and it's great that his motivation to help people aligns with the core values of Cenofex Innovations. We look forward to working with, and creatively challenging, Kevin over the summer.