Inventions, intellectual property, and interns

April has been a busy month for us. It's been a one for sitting with our heads down at the desk, working madly to get our device through to proof of concept.

As a result of all the work, Michael has developed the driving software for our technology, and has got the micro-controllers working for the device. No easy feat for a single person engineering team! He is piecing together the electronics as I type this...

We have also had the pleasure of meeting and engaging with Joesph Synder from Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP last month. Joe is immensely experienced (and a lovely guy!) and will be assisting us with our patent filing. We look forward to working together to bring our technology to market.

Finally we are delighted to welcome Sabrina Chern of Head-Royce High School who is interning with us in May. Sabrina is a bright young woman with an interest in biomedical engineering who we look forward to having in our lab over the next month.

As always, thanks for joining us on our journey!