Long road ahead, but not travelled alone

March was Lymphoedema Awareness Month, and March 6th was World Lymphoedema Day, and we spent some time trying to better understand the difficult journey that so many people go through living with lymphoedema. The comments below are a couple of examples from the many we found on blogs, and provide very real and raw insights into the experience.

"In short, it's outrageously under-researched, under-discussed and misunderstood - even within the medical profession. It would be ace if this could change."

"Getting lymphoedema has been traumatizing in many ways, more so than the cancer itself. Cancer was something to be beaten or overcome... Lymphedema is for life."

We were also inspired and challenged by Kathy Bates' address at the NIH Conference on behalf of LE&RN. We are sure any researcher and clinician would be too!

Here are some striking facts about lymphoedema that you may not be aware of:

  • There are about 10 million people living with lymphoedema in the USA.
  • Although a significant proportion of these are cancer survivors, veterans also form a large group. Injuries to the lymphatic system can be the result of any significant physical trauma.
  • Emerging research indicates the lymphatic system plays a much larger role in keeping us healthy than originally thought - including playing a role in cholesterol transport (and maybe management!)

We are excited about contributing what we can to help the millions of people living with such a life-changing, incurable condition.

Michael and Sheridan