Back Down Under and Racing Ahead


It has been a while since I updated this blog! Things have been extremely busy and time has flown by. So here's a very quick summary.

We are delighted that Tri has continued with Cenofex Innovations as the Head of Business and Finance. We appreciate all the experience he brings to the team, and his personality and attitude are a great fit for Cenofex.

We wrapped up our NSW Health-Rosenman Institute Fellowships in San Francisco in November, 2017. It was a fantastic experience, we learnt a great deal and developed lasting networks, and are excited about returning to NSW with that knowledge and experience.

We founded Cenofex Innovations Pty Ltd in NSW, Australia and look forward to growing our Australian medical device company. We are now working closely with medical device development experts, ide Group in Sydney to complete our proof of concept and move into product development.

I look forward to updating this site with more information regarding our device, and on-going work once we have secured our IP position and locked down our product design. Until then, it's probably going to have to stay a bit under wraps for now...



Supporting sporting success

Cenofex Innovations believes in community involvement, and empowering women, and what better way to show this than supporting a local women's rugby team?

This month we were proud to partner in sponsorship with the San Francisco Golden Gate Women's Rugby Club. Rugby is a great sport that celebrates all the things we believe a medical device start-up should strive for - excellence, teamwork, commitment, hard work, diversity and fun! 

Thanks for the shout out too! 


POST UPDATE: The SFGG Women made it all the way to the Division II National Championships! Congratulations team!


Inventions, verification, and validation

Over the last couple of months, Cenofex Innovations has grown as a team (welcome Jacob and Tri!), worked with the Startup Legal Garage team to produce a FTO search, networked with key innovation, accelerator, and clinical groups, and met many amazing people. Like any medical device start-up, the number of things that need to be juggled can be dizzying at times.

However, the bulk of our energy has been, rightfully so, channeled towards the development of our device. Having, what we think, is a brilliant idea, and following through with building it, has been quite the journey already. After this initial development phase comes verification and validation, and with a novel device, such as ours, designing accurate verification tools poses interesting challenges along the way.

To this end, our focus over the past few months has very much been designing, developing, and building the right tools to ensure our device is delivering the treatment we expect it to. Michael has been deep in the research and development of a verification tool, capable of measuring pressures in three-dimensional volumes. He's been doing everything from coding GUIs and designing circuitry, to fabricating support structures and interfacing motors. In the meantime, Sheridan and Jacob have been working on the development of a lymphoedema phantom - a model with human tissue equivalent properties, that represents the lymphatic system, in order to enable the "bench-top" validation of our technology.

Both these projects will provide tools essential for the verification and validation of our device and are an important step on the way to getting safe treatment to those who need it.

Welcome Tri!

Over the past few months, we really cannot stress enough how beneficial it has been for us to be in the Rosenman Institute. Through this collaboration, we have again been successful in applying to a UC Berkeley HAAS School of Business Program, that matches Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students with start-ups to provide a whole range of business support.

This month, we were very pleased to welcome Tri Luong to the Cenofex Innovations team. We've already been impressed with his valuable contributions to the refinement of our business strategy, and are very much looking forward to continue working with Tri over the upcoming months. He brings great business experience to our team, and is a delightful person to work with!

Welcome Tri!

Getting a legal head-start

This month, we are again grateful for our affiliation with the Rosenman Institute. Through this connection, Cenofex Innovations applied for, and were successful in gaining acceptance in the University of California Hastings Startup Legal Garage. The Startup Legal Garage is a selective program in which law students provide corporate and intellectual property work to early stage startup companies under the supervision of leading attorneys throughout the Bay Area. For biotechnology companies such as Cenofex Innovations, the students work closely with a leading attorney to conduct a ‘freedom to operate’ (FTO) search based on the start-up’s technology. An FTO search, though vital, is usually cost prohibitive for start-up companies. Acceptance into the program, means the expenses associated with the search are not incurred by Cenofex Innovations. The FTO search will enable us to position our technology claims in the strongest way possible, substantially increasing the strength of our patent applications.

We were very pleased to work with Mark Oda and Jeff Gourgon from the UC Hastings Startup Legal Garage program, as well as Joe Synder from Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton, who has been a great legal partner. The outcomes of FTO search produced by the legal team are thorough and of excellent quality, and will be essential for our upcoming design phases and patent filings.